Baaghi 2 Movie Review

Baaghi 2 is an amazing movie from tiger shroff and disha patani.Baaghi is released on 30 march 2018.Baaghi 2 is directed by sajid this movie disha husband make him fool that she has no daughter but he knew that she has a daughter so he take help of tiger shroff (ronnie).the story takes twist and turnand reach at the end that daughter is of ronnie in is an amazing movie.

Baaghi 2 is an all-out action film with suspense and thriller elements. The first half is spent entirely in the setup. A distraught mother reaches out to her ex-boyfriend Ronny for help. But once Ronny starts investigating the case, he finds out that no one has a clue about Neha’s daughter. The build-up is slow but steady and by interval time the film does manages to pique some interest. Too much time is spent in establishing the story, the suspense and its characters. There are a few action sequences in the first half, but the main focus remains on Neha’s and Ronny’s relationship and the way their past affects their present.

Randeep Hooda plays the eccentric police officer, and he actually is the star of the film. He pulls off some memorable one-liners. However, we don’t get to see much of him. There’s stellar actor Manoj Bajpayee too, who tries to inject some semblance of sense and logic into the film. There’s Prateik Babbar too, who plays the caricature of a cocaine addict; loud, ingratiating, in a Metallica T-shirt.

As far as acting is concerned, to be fair, Tiger tries very, very hard to show his skills in front of the camera. Sadly, half the time, he delivers his dialogues in a rather flat voice, as if he is reading them off a teleprompter. He does emote slightly in the scenes where he’s meant to be heartbroken. But those are nothing to write home about.

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